Lent is 6 weeks a year in which we think about what it means to follow Christ. It

is a chance to de-clutter our faith, to consider new things and let go of things past their usefulness.

LENT JOURNEY NZ. https://lent.nz/

Sarah Park created a profound digital journey for our church. With short readings, prayers, images, humour, YouTube we are led on a journey to deepen our faith and prepare for Easter. 

I recommend this as an accessible and fun way to walk our Lenten journey.

Taizé Service Wednesday 7.30 pm St Stephens  4 March, 18 March, 1 April

A chance to experience contemplative worship led by Brother Andrew in Taizé style

This article describes the background and current experience of Taizé worship.


 “It is a time to rest in God, to let the words listened to and sung penetrate one’s being.” So says Brother John, a Taizé monk, in lectures and writings explaining what the service is all about. There is no preaching, no teaching, no talk of sin or repentance or forgiveness. There is just this elegantly simple service: short chants, often in Latin, repeated over and over. Plus some short Scripture readings or psalms and silence.

Lent Small Group  Wednesday 1.30 pm  11, 18, 25 March, 8 April St Stephen’s

The commandments, what do they say to the 21st Century? How do we live them now? There will be an evening group if required :-)


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