Hall hire

Our hall is for hire for events, exercise classes etc.

The hall has a kitchen and toilets, we can provide chairs and a limited number of tables.

Hireage for birthday parties is looked at on a case by case basis, feel free to inquire office@ststephenstamahere.org.nz

Costs: $34.50 per hour gst inclusive, please inquire for whole day or recurring hire.

Funeral Catering

We offer Funeral Catering for funerals at St. Stephen's or any other local venues.

This is a fundraising activity, undertaken by volunteers in a very professional manner. 

Cemetery information

All permits and permissions to be obtained from the St Stephen’s Tamahere Cemetery Committee via the Church Office, email: office@ststephenstamahere.org.nz

Ashes and Graves area Criteria for purchase of burial or ashes plots: Must have been on the Parish roll for a period of 10 years as an active member during this time. Ashes of family members regardless of parish roll status may be interred into existing graves and/or plaques installed providing the appropriate permits have been sought from the Cemetery Committee via the Church office.

Graves may be double depth for a future additional burial. Any alteration to graves or ashes plots must be with the permission of the Church Office and a permit purchased. This permit must be provided for the monumental mason when a head stone on a grave or ashes berm is altered or commissioned for installation.


Plot for grave and permit to bury $ 1,000 incl GST Permit for subsequent interment in double depth grave $ 500 incl GST Ashes berm plot and plaque permit (Airport Road end) $ 500 incl GST
Permit to inter ashes and install plaque on existing structure in cemetery (and/or update headstone) $ 500 incl GST Permit to install plaque on existing structure in cemetery, gravesite or ashes berm (and/or reinstallation of updated headstone/ashes berm plaque) $ 300 incl GST

NB: No fees apply if changes to a headstone or plaque are related to maintenance and upkeep. However, a permit for said work must still be obtained. All digging for interment (grave or ashes berm) is not included in the above fees. All costs associated with headstone or plaque placement are not included in the above fees. Ashes berm plaques are to be no larger than 300mm x 200mm

Dingle Memorial Berm Criteria for the memorial berm: person to be memorialized must have a stated and recognized connection to the Tamahere area and/or St Stephen’s Church. Permission of this accepted status must be granted by the Cemetery Committee and permit provided to the monumental mason prior to plaque placement.

Memorial berm plaque dimensions are to be a standard size of 200mm x 120mm. Fee: Permit to install plaque on Dingle Memorial Berm (no ashes permitted) $ 500 incl GST Dated May 2023


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